Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Why?!!? The Abnormal Entertainment Collection (2024)

Writer & Producer

This is a comprehensive Blu-ray in glorious standard definition and -2K scans of the as-complete-as-possible collection from Abnormal Entertainment! See the idiocy that Jeff, Kevin, and Dave got into. This set spans 1999 through 2019-ish. 20 years of stupidity.

WTF: Three Idiotic Tales (2024)


with Jon Arking

This is your chance to get three incredibly stupid stories from a pair of incredibly goofy authors! Join Jon and Dave as they give a little insight into what passes for their thought processes! This volume includes the debuts of Staged and Grounds in ANY format, ever! 

WTF includes the following:

Hot Mess - A novella about two Hollywood losers that, well, die but are given a chance to come back to Earth and help out a struggling construction company. 

Grounds - The slacker generation gets their due in this coffee shop dark comedy. Jonah hates his job, his life, and doesn't see a way out... until he kills a Mafia boss. Oops. 

Staged - The community theatre seen is exposed in all its ridiculous glory in this first season web series script. LINE?!?!

Saturday, June 1, 2024

Heels Verses Faces (2024)


as Joe Broni, with Max Flexmore

This is the world's first poetry chapbook and coloring/activity book focused on professional wrestling! Join terrible wrestler, but wonderful writer, Joe Broni as he tags up with Max Flexmore to wax poetic, literally, about the squared circle! This book feature art by Jarrett Whalen, additional poems by Nik Halvert and Dave Herndon, and promises to be hours of fun!

It is TIME to do the job and pick up "Heels Verses Faces" now!

Friday, April 19, 2024

Friday, March 29, 2024

Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone (2023)



"Keeping Molly"


When zombies go on a rampage, terrorizing a town, the residents are determined to take down the undead before it's too late in this indie flick. This anthology features the stand-out short, "Keeping Molly," based off of the novella by Hayes & Moyers with Hayes providing the script.

Starring: Tiffany Beall, Rob Merickel
Distributed by: Sterling Entertainment
Directed by: Joe Sherlock

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Monday, March 4, 2024

Keeping Molly: The Movie Edition (2024)

(with Kevin Moyers & Joe Sherlock)


Alan and Molly are young, in love and expecting. The last thing on their minds is a disease that ravages the nervous system and turns its victims into feral, flesh-eating beasts. As the world nose dives into the apocalypse and the government takes action in rounding up the infected, Molly rapidly develops symptoms. Believing that love can conquer all, Alan secrets his wife away, hiding her from the world. If he can just wait it out, Alan thinks, all will be well. But Molly is very, very hungry.

Features Behind the Scenes photos and the "Keeping Molly" script from Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone directed by Joe Sherlock.

Introduction by Jeff Dolniak!