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Friday, March 29, 2024

Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone (2023)



"Keeping Molly"


When zombies go on a rampage, terrorizing a town, the residents are determined to take down the undead before it's too late in this indie flick. This anthology features the stand-out short, "Keeping Molly," based off of the novella by Hayes & Moyers with Hayes providing the script.

Starring: Tiffany Beall, Rob Merickel
Distributed by: Sterling Entertainment
Directed by: Joe Sherlock

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Monday, March 4, 2024

Keeping Molly: The Movie Edition (2024)

(with Kevin Moyers & Joe Sherlock)


Alan and Molly are young, in love and expecting. The last thing on their minds is a disease that ravages the nervous system and turns its victims into feral, flesh-eating beasts. As the world nose dives into the apocalypse and the government takes action in rounding up the infected, Molly rapidly develops symptoms. Believing that love can conquer all, Alan secrets his wife away, hiding her from the world. If he can just wait it out, Alan thinks, all will be well. But Molly is very, very hungry.

Features Behind the Scenes photos and the "Keeping Molly" script from Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone directed by Joe Sherlock.

Introduction by Jeff Dolniak!

Blood Games: A Vampire Anthology (2024)



Pre-Order Here!

Dare to Gamble With Your Life?

An aging cage fighter meets an unfortunate fate and is offered the opportunity of a lifetime by a mysterious Russian Fan...

A Countess and her lover’s game tests the limits of their vanity...

A young vampire in Mexico City must compete in an ancient Mayan game to survive...

A comedian gets a once in an un-lifetime offer...

The award-winning authors of BLOOD GAMES explore the world of the undead and the twisted games they play, not only with their prey, but with each other.

Featured Authors:
Jonathan Maberry   •  Dacre Stoker   •  Linda Addison
Jeff Strand   •  Gabrielle Faust   •.  Sèphera Girón
David C. Hayes   •  JG Faherty   •  Roh Morgon
Michael H. Hanson   •  Rain Graves   •  Sumiko Saulson
John Palisano   •  Gustavo Bondoni
Jonathan Fortin   •  Andrew Robertson

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Rock 'n Roll Asylum (2022)

as Joe Broni


Writer/Director/Star Adam 'Riot' Thorn has been cranking out backyard feature films since PERSONAL SPACE INVADER (2013), and this is his *checks notes* sixth and most ambitious one to date that still happens to take place entirely in and around EYESORE CINEMA - one of the two video stores still left standing in Toronto, Canada.*

This time around, Adam ditches any attempt at a conventional genre structure to make way for a day in the life of an asylum (the store's basement) run by a mad doctor (played by Adam) whose addicted to 'brain juice' and has to take care of a mentally troubled population made up of a Kangaroo, a clown, a guy who bites people and way more wackadoos that are made up of friends and customers. - Justin Decloux

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Moonlight Marquee: Werewolf Film Encyclopedia (2023)

Writer & Editor


The werewolf has been a cinematic staple since the early 1900s. The popular image of man and beast, from uncontrollable monsters to suave high school basketballers, has had a place of honor in our narratives from the beginnings of the art form. There have been high budget, glossy Hollywood productions featuring the werewolf, low budget drive-in features, shot-on-video labors of love and everything in-between. What this volume attempts to do is collate as many of these films that our intrepid research team could find in one place. Separated by decade, and then alphabetically, every film has been reviewed, quantified, and qualified in terms ranging from narrative concepts all the way to the 'fur and fangs' quotient. Slipway Cinema Press is proud to have this, Moonlight Marquee: The Werewolf Film Encyclopedia, as their first release. It may have taken five years, but it spans generations.

Featuring the work of: Nicole Castle-Kelly, Peggy Christie, Michael Cieslak, Paul Counelis, Tyler DePerro, Jeff Dolniak, David Herndon, Mirek Lipinski, Corey Maslowski, Kevin Moyers, Andrew J. Rausch, Brian J. Robb, Mark C. Scioneaux, Sean Seal, Daniel Gorman, and Joshua Werner

Featuring Conversations with Fred Dekker, Joe Dante, Lowell Dean, Kevin Lindenmuth, Mark Polonia, Eric Red, Todd Sheets, Wesley Strick, and Joe Castro

Cover Painting by Daniel Gorman

Layout and Design by John Teehan & Sarah Joseph

Edited by David C. Hayes

Hardcover / Full Color / 458 pages / 8.5" x 11"