Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Back Woods (2001)

as Luther


After a group of rowdy teens run over his man-woman mother, a 300 lb. retarded transvestite redneck goes absolutely ripshit on basically every other character in the movie.

"How do you review a terrible movie if the point of the movie is how terrible it is? The answer, my eager young friends, is with a smile on your face,a spring in your step, and a whole thesaurus full of interesting curse words at your disposal. Simply stating the premise of this movie aloud is enough to cause an entire hospital wing full of babies to burst into flames. So what we've got here is a no-budget horror flick to end all no-budget horror flicks. It is a clear parody of the genre, and some might say it's a pretty good one, too."

 - Something Awful.com


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