Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blood Guardian aka A Killer Awaits (2011)



The latest feature-length offering from Old World Producers Group and Cool Wave Pictures is a meaty, disturbing thriller --- Blood Guardian. This newer, smarter take on just how fragile human restraints can be, is headlined by Arizona actors Matt Robinson as troubled parolee Jason Hart, Lanny Rethaber as senior parole officer Thomas Elway and Sallie Braden as police detective Leslie Newman. Bringing outstanding performances are local supporting players Darl Chryst as Mother, Kevin Ratay as Dusty Rhodes, Steve Furedy as Carl Price and Nathalie Cadieux as Darlene Depree. Local director Charles Peterson edits and directs a screenplay hammered out by prolific genre writer Jose Rosete, with additional material provided by David C. Hayes. Again pushing the envelope of thrillers with plenty of gut-wrenching gore, steamy sexual underpinnings and thought-provoking twists and turns, "Blood Guardian" tells the dangerous story of just how wrong our human desire for release and vengeance can go. Throw in the aspects of the need for a serial killer to complete the tasks at hand, and you have Blood Guardian.

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