Thursday, March 20, 2014

Serial (2013-15, Source Point Press)


#1 featuring "Gacy" & "Fish"
#2 featuring  "Nurse's Creed" & "Lizzie Borden"

Serial's first, prototype, issue was published in 2007. Conceived as an anthology series in the vein (no pun intended) of Tales from the Crypt, but focusing on real-life serial killers, the concept proved popular. Source Point Press will be putting Serial out as a quarterly periodical with shifting creative teams.

Penciled by Kurt Belcher and inked by Heinrik Horvath, the lead-off story "Gacy" was banned by Pick it up to check out why!

"Bathory" written and painted by Kurt Belcher,  "Nurse's Creed" written and illustrated by David C. Hayes, "Lizzie" written by Kevin Moyers and illustrated by Eric Xton, "La Mataviejtas" written by Trico Lutkins and illustrated by David Andres.

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