Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slices (2008)

as Skillet Bob

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Slices is an anthology horror movie in the vein of such films like The Twilight Zone or the Creepshow series—five different stories, five different styles with a wrap around that ties all of them together. The Exterminator is very much in the style of Saw or Hostel. It centers on a big business CEO who gets kidnapped and tortured by one of his own henchmen. The Range is a period piece set in 1880’s Old West. It features three Confederate soldiers on the run who come face to face with flesheating zombies. Turnout is about a young couple and their friend who are hiking in the mountains when they start getting killed off by a madman. Night Scream is the tale of a bloodthirsty female vampire who stumbles upon a house full of unsuspecting college kids. Finally, Dead Letters is a yarn about a book author who still carries a torch for his dead wife.

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