Friday, June 8, 2012

Blood Moon Rising 3-D (2012)

as The Reverend

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Since 1889, cursed lovers, Tristan and Rachel, have roamed the Earth looking for a way to end their misery as a vampire and werewolf. Only during an eclipsed blood moon can they see each others' human forms renewing their love.

In the year 1969 they put an end to their agony only to have it soiled by Tristan's jealous wife and daughter of the Devil, Lucy. Back from the grave and still hot from hell, her plan goes beyond revenge. She seeks to rule Earth with the army of hell. The only person who can stop Lucy is her great-great granddaughter Sadie Hawkins and her sidekick, Darrel Lee, a comic book geek and soda jerk who has been waiting for this moment all his life. As the plot thickens with werewolves, zombies and vampires, Darrel finds his element and falls in love with Sadie.

They battle the army of hell with the help from a 1969 film crew who pops into Blood Moon Rising while making a zombie flick of their own. Together they take on Captain Faust and the ghouls of hell to stop Lucy from destroying Earth.

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