Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Minute Movies (2004, Book Surge Press)

"The Latex Grail"

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If you enjoy the movies and reading fun books, you will get a big kick out of Minute Movies. Minute Movie is a new book that is made up of seven short screenplays. All the stories are fanciful and imaginative. It makes great reading. It is a compilation of seven scripts written by three different authors, Byron Snyder, Sarah Price and David Hayes. Each story has its own uniqueness and style along with some unforgettable characters. Scary Stories to Dramatic surprises awaits filmmakers to interpret their versions of these original stories. Walk with the Devil or even laugh at an unusual circumstance is just a few of the plots that Minute Movies offers. A young writer finds his future in an old typewriter that was owned by the Hemingway in The Ghost Writer. A young man goes through a life changing experience while stuck with a homeless couple on Christmas Eve in Latex Grail. The Elevator from Hell is the story of a hit man escaping from his life of crime when he enters a building with an elevator that has a mind of its own. A weekend getaway turns into a haunting experience when newlyweds find themselves stranded in a mountain town and forced to spend the night at The Vineyard House. A young woman discovers the truth about her boyfriend while on their way home after a party in Unknown Circumstances. A ghostly campfire story at a Boy Scout camping trip changes into one of its own Scary Stories. A wife with an abusive husband finds gratification in a side-splitting accident in Unusual Justice.

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