Sunday, March 4, 2012

Book Without Pictures (2013, Neoflux Productions)

"Image 70"

Sandy and I were fortunate enough to be involved in this project. We are collectively translating Alice's Adventures in Wonderland into visual artwork. Open to artists of any style,media, or motif. Over 1000 pieces of art are being used from artists all over the globe and these pieces of art are being created to correspond with each paragraph of Carroll's masterpiece.

Sandy, my primitivist painting wife, did the mouse in acrylic and modeled for Alice. A little creative photography and compositing and there you have it. It was our first collaboration. This scene takes place as Alice and the mouse have a communication breakdown over the word knot... or is it not?

No words allowed, which explains the title page to the left. It reads: What's the Use of a Book Without Pictures? This, of course, is a line from the story. Our contribution is below!

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