Monday, March 5, 2012

Morpheus Tales #14 (2011, Morpheus Press)

"Rights of the Living Dead"

The fourteenth issue of the UK's most controversial weird fiction magazine! Featuring: The Cherry Tree By David Lear, Misplaced Loyalties By Graeme Stevenson Illustrated By Robert Leija, Souvenir By Brockton McKinney, Rights of the Living Dead By David Hayes Illustrated By Vladimir Petkovic, An Interview With Geraldine By Neil John Buchanan, Teeth By Axelle Carolyn Illustrated By Mr. Byron, The Final Toll By Matt Mok, Soulshredder By Lee Clark Zumpe, The Last Walk By Diana Bocco, A Silence Between Two Waves Of The Sea By Robert Sagirs Illustrated by Ash Arceneaux, The Quill of Eternal Damnation By Adnane Rehane. Read the magazine Christopher Fowler calls "edgy and dark", and see what you think.

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