Monday, June 11, 2012

Dolls by KJ Moore (2012, Bloodbound Books)


Available July 4 in trade and e-book versions.

The gumshoe detective, complete with fedora and trench coat, just became a cold, dead corpse himself thanks to K.J. Moore. Join one of the freshest voices in spec fiction in a noir thriller that would make Orson Welles blush.

Set in the world of fetish, bondage, s & m and consensual torture, Gabe is your average, every day human tragedy author. His sole purpose is to travel the world and write about the miserable existences that the 'unfortunates' on this planet need endure and the rubbernecking 'normal' world eats up every word. Gabe's self-loathing is all but perfect until his friend Ben dies in an apparent auto-asphyxiation accident, complete with gimp mask. Gabe believes Ben's death is murder and goes on an alcohol and nicotine-fueled undercover investigation through the sordid world of deviant sexuality to find the killer. What Gabe encounters, along with his trusted platonic life-mate Tilley, is beyond comprehension. Never one to do things the easy way, even when the easy way is the right way, Gabe's journey takes him on a path of self discovery that can only be accomplished by wading into the most miserable filth this planet can offer... and coming out on the other side. What he finds, though, may just be the end of everything that keeps Gabe together at the seams.

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