Thursday, May 1, 2014

Die, You Zombie Crackers! (2014, Bizarro Pulp Press)

Co-Writer (with Mark Scioneaux)

Available HERE!

From the publisher: The deep, dark woods. They can be scary as hell, especially for the folk that live and love in 'em. Making moonshine and selling moonshine and drinkin' moonshine are all anyone ever cared about... until it happened. Even in the back woods, the yokels weren't safe from no undead poxalips. The dead done come back to life, bad 'shine bein' the cause, and it is up to a small band of hillbillies to stop them new kind a' zombies from killin' everybody. Four rednecks stand between a horde a' un-living rubes and the rest of the world. Only they was brave enough to say, "DIE, YOU ZOMIBE CRACKERS!

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