Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Closets aka Hunting Evil (2013)


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aka Hunting Evil

Based on actual events that took place only a few years ago, it weaves the enigmatic tale of Jonas Littleton…a good, but faulty man whose life had taken a sour detour – to a prison cell.  After having admitted his guilt and served his sentence, he’s being picked up outside the prison yard by his probably faithful wife for a long-awaited reunion.  Unfortunately, in the following weeks, reality sets in when his felony record makes his repeated attempts to rejoin the workforce humbling and futile.

His most recent job interview results in his bending his elbow at a watering hole.  Too much to drink and an errant suspicious pill causes our disappointed husband and father to seek advice from a soothsayer who runs a weird little shop a few doors down from the bar.  Under the influence and under the gun, a deal is struck in the fortune teller’s lair which proves to be “too good to be true”?

As if a beaded curtain has been parted, Jonas’ life immediately turns around.  Job offers.  Money.  Luxurious home and cars.  Happiness.  Family times.  Until the bill is due.  And who comes to collect?  The most vile, hellish, repugnant demon who was ever vomited from --- well, another place and time.  The Entity has all the tools to wreck all she sees. To ingest all that’s good and discharge pure evil.  Will Jonas have to pay the piper?  A cold, grinning evil collects, with certainty - both his wife and son!

A broken man, Jonas Littleton divests himself of every remnant of wealth and possession.  He uses the proceeds to follow his heart and soul’s remaining task.  His course is clear – he must track down the Entity and extract his revenge – or die trying.  Now he runs Paranormal Investigations Incorporated to soothe his damaged soul and feed his obsession.  He sees the Entity in every investigation in reality or maybe not. His sanity hinges on the pursuit.

Continuing his quest for revenge, he leads his investigation team from haunting to haunting, until one day he comes face to face with the Entity. How this final confrontation between a wounded-spirit human and the very essence of conniving, grinning evil plays out will knock your socks off!  Twists and turns abound.

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