Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Great American Slasher (2015, JournalStone/BPP)


Out of Print

Adrienne Marks is the All-American Girl. Cheerleader, straight A student, dating football start, fraternal twin and daughter of a bona-fide police hero. Of course, being a cheerleader subjects you to the worst kind of trolling, she can’t trust her boyfriend, her fraternal twin brother Andy is a complete neurotic stoner and that bona fide police hero father died in the line of duty. Still, she does her best. Andy, on the other hand, does not. Thinking he is getting back at his perfect sister with an online prank, Andy inadvertently sells his sister and her friends on an auction website that caters to psychopathic mass murderers and serial killers. Soon, Adrienne and Andy’s idyllic life is torn apart as the Bidder comes calling. He is a well-oiled killing machine that makes easy work of Adrienne’s friends at school and pursues her all the way to the big spring house party where the clueless suburbanites line up for the slaughter. Only the small town cops and Adrienne’s loser brother can get there in time and, even if they do, they’ve never encountered anything like the Bidder before.

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