Thursday, January 30, 2020

America's Next Dead Model (2018, SPP)

with Mark Scioneaux


The tropical island is a paradise and the perfect place for sleazy promoter Randy Miller to stage a photo shoot featuring his gaggle of up and coming young super-models-in-training. Chief among them is Monique, a beauty that Randy is betting on to make their newest calendar fly off the shelves. What Randy, Monique, and the rest of them, didn't count on was a mad killer stalking the sands and making it run red... with either blood or sangria, no one is too sure. Can this particular group of men and women with, quite possibly, the loosest morals in all of recorded history survive? Their fifteen minutes are up!

WATCH as these women must fight for survival!

SEE them drink way too much sangria!

RECOIL as they prove... beauty is only skin deep!

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