Thursday, November 21, 2013

Canopic Jars (2013, Great Old Ones)

"That's a Wrap"

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"From a filmmaker’s perspective, these stories are truly cinematic, with compelling plots and well-drawn characters ... It’s anthologies like these that will inspire a new generation of storytellers and keep the current ones working overtime to move and entertain." From the Foreword by Patrick Rea, director of the Lionsgate Film, Nailbiter. Their desiccated corpses creep through dusty desert crypts and cursed bogs; crowded old world bazaars and desolate no man's lands. Most of all, they haunt the darkest of our dreams, unleash the deepest of our fears, for once they were us. Exhume terrifying secrets and unravel truths best left entombed. A horror anthology including tales from H. P. Lovecraft, T.G. Arsenault, Michael Bailey, Eric S. Brown, Judi Ann Calhoun, Tracy L. Carbone, Karen Dent, Roxanne Dent, Jonathan Dubey, Allen Dusk, Melissa M. Gates, Marianne Halbert, David Hayes, Michael Hughes, Joe Knetter, Esther S. Leiper-Estabrooks, John McIlveen, Gregory L. Norris, Philip C. Perron, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Douglas B. Poirier, James Pratt, M.J. Preston, Kyle Rader, Suzanne Robb, Gord Rollo, Lawrence Santoro, Brett A. Savory, B.E. Scully, Henry Snider, and Erin Thorne.

Pegged (2014, Dynatox Ministries)


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Ritual abuse and fetishism go together like peas and carrots. A hyper-acute case of podophilia forces a young man into a life of sef-loathing and habitual self-punishment including dating amputees. That is, until he finds the perfect foot. The owner of that foot has a different type of fetish... one that a devoted lover would give an arm and a leg for.

Limited to 52 copies (because there are 26 bones in the human foot...and humans have two feet...)

13 Quick Shivers (2013, Daily

"Basement Guillotine"

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13 Quick Shivers from is a different kind of graphic literature. This anthology collects a baker's dozen of 100-word horror tales that each re-tell a nightmare posted on The twist is that each story is graphically typeset to enhance the mood. Contributors to this volume include notable horror writers as K. Trap Jones, David C. Hayes and Joseph Spagnola.