Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ed Wood's The Vampire's Tomb (2013)

as Flinch Ruppert & Lobo


Terminal Pictures Presents a film by Andre Perkowski based on the writings of Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Available at last! The forgotten horror classic, from beyond the grave, from beyond space and time.

Beyond anything your mind can conceive from the muddled mind of Edward D. Wood Jr. and the monochromatic cameras from the most exclusive thrift stores comes a tale to torment YOU!

STARRING - Kathleen Cecchin - Chandra Curtis - Jason Degruttola - Katie Dugan - David C. Hayes - Keith Heimpel - Steve Hickson - Paul Hofmann - Kevin Marquette - Christopher Roy - Andy Wibbels
and the voice of CRISWELL

From the director: In 2000 we shot about 60-70% of this unproduced Edward D. Wood, Jr. project intended for Bela Lugosi in Chicago in four or five days in a high pitched, melodramatic gothic soap opera style...

The tapes sat on a shelf for ages until the "Lugosi Problem" was solved... in a thoroughly chiropractor-ish fashion, as it turned out. Plus there was the fact that the whole "Vampire" thing mentioned in the title hadn't actually been shot yet. The rest of the script was shot on hideously outdated Ukranian Super-8, Double-X 16mm, and Tri-X Super-8 in Spring 2006 in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Doylestown, and Astoria and is dedicated to all those who have owed film labs bills for decades and to the Shirley inside all of us... with voiceover help from Philip Proctor from the Firesign Theatre and the almighty Criswell... thanks to everyone involved for the unspeakably strange experience across the gulf of bad continuity.

For Kathy Wood
and Maila Nurmi.