Thursday, December 23, 2010

Adventures of Getting Over the Girl (2008)

as Angela


This is a romantic comedy written and directed by Tony Gautier that will probably never be released on DVD. With that said, anybody can post a trailer to a film they had been in, but over here at David Hayes Online, we'll just give you the whole damn thing. Watch below, true believers!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dark Moon Digest #2 (Winter 2010, Dark Moon Books)

"Scare Tactics"

Buy Dark Moon Digest - Issue 2!

The second issue of Dark Moon Digest is a "killer". Packed with page-turning tales, you won't be disappointed with this horrific issue. Dark Moon Digest (The Horror Fiction Quarterly) is geared toward horror fans and authors alike. Published four times a year, this 100-plus page literary anthology is a solid addition to any horror enthusiast's library. Dig through this issue and uncover new stories by Craig Garrett ("I Married a Zombie"), Steve Scott ("The Sidehill Toggler"), Tracie McBride ("Barking"), Jeremiah Dutch ("Down Cellar"), Chris Doerner ("Family Ties"), Frances A. Hogg ("Miss Webster's Little Arm) and Graham Williams ("The Book of the Month Club"). Columns and articles include "There's More To Vampires Than Dracula: A Short History Of English Vampire History" (Araminta Star Matthews), "Monster Mythbusting: Haitian Zombies" (Rhonda Parrish), "Chattering Bones: Dr. Strangebite or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Suck" (Manny Frishberg), "Scare Tactics: The Evolution of the Horror Film & Viewer Desensitization" (David C. Hayes) and "Under the Stairs: Dripping with Bloody Gore & Other Not-Scary Mistakes Writers Make" (Michael O'Neal). And you won't want to miss the kick-ass first installment of "Tenants", a 4-part serial novella written by up-and-coming horror writer Kevin McClintock. Or the exciting introduction of our 4-part graphic novelette, "Slaughterhouse", written and inked by Marc Olivent. Or two cool flash fiction horror tales, "Thirteen Seconds" by George Morrow and "Running with the Pack" by Graham Williams. If you missed the first issue of Dark Moon Digest, don't miss this one.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swamp Ho (2009, One-Act)


NY Artists Unlimited as part of the 2009 International Cringefest, New York, NY. Two-week, Equity, Off-Broadway run.

Time and Again (2009, Abnormal)


Pencilled by Kurt Belcher and inked by Heinrik Horvath, Time and Again is a one-shot "trailer" for an upcoming film of the same name.

Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood, Jr. (2009, Reissue)


Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Edward D. Wood, Jr. by David C. Hayes and Hayden Davis, PhD. Actor David Hayes and his altered ego, Hayden C. Davis -- of the San Quentin Davises -- have written and collected dozens of articles about the one-and-only Ed Wood, Jr. and included some stories by Ed himself, as well as the most compleat bibliography of Wood ever assembled. There's even a chapter on how to collect Woodiana. Many people don't realize that Ed wrote many books -- just about all as sleazy as his films -- and deserves to be known for his literature as well as Plan 9 from Outer Space. One of Ramble House's best sellers.

Buy Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood, Jr.!

"Muddled Mind is a great follow up to Wood's literary life after we were teased about it in Rudolph's Grey's excellent oral biography on Wood, Nightmare of Ecstasy." - Doug Gibson

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Daily Bites of Flesh (2011, Pill Hill Press)

"Pre-Natal" & "Worse

Cover Price $24.99
Published by Daily Flash Publications, an Imprint of Pill Hill Press
ISBN-13: 978-1617060182

Buy Daily Bites of Flesh 2011!

DAILY BITES OF FLESH 2011: 365 DAYS OF HORRIFYING FLASH FICTION is a 2011 flash fiction calendar anthology, with a 500 word or less horror short story featured for every day of the calendar year. Filled with 365 short stories, this is a fun and practical anthology designed for busy readers of the horror genre.

Features two David Hayes stories, the sickening zombie shorts "Pre-Natal" and "Worse."

Friday, November 26, 2010

EXW Xtreme Tuesday 11/23/10

Here's the latest from EXW's bi-weekly TV Show, Xtreme Tuesday, featuring David Hayes, the voice of EXW! The main event? Nothing less than Tyson Tyler taking on Derek Neikirk... and you won't believe how that goes down.

EXW Xtreme Tuesday 11/09/10

Back with another episode of EXW's Xtreme Tuesday featuring David Hayes, the voice of EXW! This week's main event features the second Val Venis vs. Derek Neikirk battles for the EXW Heavyweight Championship.

EXW Xtreme Tuesday 10/26/10

Listen to the voice of EXW, David Hayes, and go Xtreme with Val Venis, Derek Neikirk, Gabriel Gallo and the rest of the EXW roster! Xtreme Tuesday from 10/26/10!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Macabre (2009, Abnormal Entertainment)


Macabre is an anthology series completely from the mind of David Hayes. As the cover states, "The Court Jester of Horror is Back!" Although, we are unsure where he went to begin with the first issue is indeed a nice retrospective of Hayes' short horror work. Macabre #1 reprints "31 Flavors," "Pursuit of the Dark Rider," and "Rights of the Living Dead." The second issue, available soon, will feature original work like "Cheerbleeders," the original prologue for "Murderotica" and some other goodies.

Issue #1: 31 Flavors, Pursuit of the Dark Rider, Rights of the Living Dead

Issue #2: Cheerbleeders, Murderotica and more!

Lexian Chronicles #12 (2006, Markosia)

"31 Flavors"

The first appearance of David Hayes' short comic "31 Flavors" is a back-up story in this issue. Winner of the Visionary Comics Script Competition in 2006, "31 Flavors" is a taste of the hardcore horror that Mr. Hayes is slowly becoming known for. "31 Flavors" was also printed in Starship Troopers: Damaged Justice #3 and Macabre #1.

Starship Troopers: Damaged Justice #3 (2006, Markosia)

"31 Flavors"

The first appearance of David Hayes' short comic "31 Flavors" is a back-up story in this issue. Winner of the Visionary Comics Script Competition in 2006, "31 Flavors" is a taste of the hardcore horror that Mr. Hayes is slowly becoming known for. "31 Flavors" was also printed in Lexian Chronicles #12 and Macabre #1.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lucky Creature Attacks! #2 (2009, Lucky Creature)

"Play the Play"

Conceived as a single page comic, "Play the Play" was written by David Hayes and pencilled/inked by Chris Sanchez. Included in the anthology-based Lucky Creature Attacks! special issue, "Play the Play" is posted here, in it's entirety, below.

Queerbait #2 (2009, Prism Comics)

"The Rainbow Avenger"

The Rainbow Avenger, based off the horrible short film of the same name, is actually a pretty cool comic. Written and created by David Hayes, and pencilled by Chris Sanchez, the intent was to serialize the origin story of the world's first shabby chic gay super-hero. That went horribly awry and only this first episode has seen the light of day. Alas... one day, The Rainbow Avenger shall rise again! If anyone would like to take a crack at pencilling the character, please hit up the contact page.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stormchasers #2 & 3 (2010, Unstoppable Comics)


A group super-hero comic from Unstoppable, David plotted and scripted issues 2 and 3. Currently, Stormchasers is only available via in a digital, pdf format. 

Get Stormchasers #2 here!

Get Stormchasers #3 here!

Madram #1 (2006, Madram Comics)

"Pursuit of the Dark Rider"

The first appearance of David Hayes' "Pursuit of the Dark Rider," a horror/western tale. Madram is a UK publication in an A5 magazine format and is pretty tough to find in the United States. "Pursuit" was later reprinted in Macabre #1.

Bound #1 (2005, Hopper Comics)

"Rights of the Living Dead"

The first appearance of David Hayes' "Rights of the Living Dead" short story in comic book format from Hopper Comics is a collectors item. A small, very indie print run resulted in a low distribution number. The story itself, shocking and the very definition of 'hardcore horror' is not to be missed. "Rights" was later reprinted in Macabre #1

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twisted Trucker Tales (201?)

as Detective

The road is long and the night is lonely, when you're driving the rig cross country. All you have are your thoughts...and your memories. Sometimes, that is all you need to keep on truckin'...and sometimes, the darkness creeps in and you have to face the evil straight on. But then again, they are only stories...very scary stories! Right?

Boxer Shorts (2002)

Writer, Producer, Director
Cinematographer, Editor

(segment "The Rainbow Avenger")

Buy Boxer Shorts on DVD!

Compilation of five short gay films previously seen at Gay Film Festivals around the world and one bonus clip. 1) Tom Clay Jesus shows a one night stand between Tom and Clay which goes nowhere until Jesus enters the picture... 2) Boychick tells what happens when the jewish gay boy in high school channels his "inner Brittany" to attract the cute debate club boy. 3) Audit shows what happens to a Hollywood actor/actress couple when the IRS auditor turns out to be an ex-boyfriend of the actor. 4) The Prom Queen tells of a high school drag queen attending the local prom with his athelete date. 5) Caught tells the story of a photographer who falls for a pre-med student who already has a boyfriend. 6) The Rainbow Avenger tells of an overweight gay man who becomes a super hero.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Voices (2006)


Short film from View from Above Productions directed by David M. Quiroz (Promise, The Lonely Ones). Currently unavailable, but buy some stuff with the poster on it right here!

Eye of Cruelty (2004)

as Legur

Eye of Cruelty takes us into the mind of Edgar Bierce, agoraphobe and underground cartoonist, whose life takes a horrifying turn when a man is beaten to death outside his apartment.

Official Selection, 2004 International Festival of Horror

Laws of Deception (2008)

as The Hit

Buy Laws of Deception on DVD!

A burned-out hit man falls in love with his next assignment. Now he faces the decision to kill her.

Promise: The Sgt. Lane Chronicles (2010)

as The Lieutenant

Buy Promise: The Sgt. Lane Chronicles on DVD!

A prequel the the feature film , The Sgt. Lane Chronicles is the Promise Web-Series that explores Sgt. Lane's investigation into the cult at the heart of Promise and details his attempts to help Christopher and Bethany. In this four part series Ted and Jack, film students at Northern Arizona University, follow a member of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Sgt. Lane, on his daily patrols and witness his first encounter with Christopher, a young man who has been banished from a nearby religious community.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Vampire Slayers (2008)

as Fat Vamp

Buy Vampire Slayers on DVD!

In the year 2015 vampires are housed in a maximum-security prison. When 10 escape and threaten to infect the city, the only way they can be stopped is by Christian (Russell Clay) and Dalton (George Nelson) vampire slayers. After seeing their father killed by these demons the only chance this city and Doctor Danner's daughter has to survive are these two slayers. Incredible suspense blended with modern day action will have you on the edge of your seat.


Smoke Signals (2009)

Producer, Cinematographer

Buy Stunt Rock on DVD!

Featurette covering the career of Sorcery founder Smokey Huff and his experiences doing the cult classic Stunt Rock. Available on the Stunt Rock DVD from Code Red!

Anthem (2011)



A young writer and his attractive wife looking to climb the social ladder move to an affluent area outside of Scottsdale AZ. Little do they know, once you say yes. . . it's hard to say no.

Ed Wood's Devil Girls (2000)

as Reverend Steele & Lobo

Buy Ed Wood's Devil Girls on DVD!

Based on the Ed Wood novel of the same name, Devil Girls tells the sordid tale of a girl gang called the Chicks and all the drugs they run into the city from the harbor. Who can stop them? Well, Sheriff Buck Rhodes, Reverend Steele, the fry cook Jockey and his man servant, Lobo, that's who!

Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant (2004)

as Dean Crispus

Buy Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant on DVD!

Buy Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant on VOD!

Oranges: Revenge of the Eggplant tells a tale of action, adventure, and most importantly revenge. After rescuing the president in Bananastan, Dr. Sunkyst decides to retire from an 80 year long career as an action scientist. However, Sunkyst is recruited to take over as the new college professor at the Orange university shortly after his retirement. Sunkyst befriends three students, Jessica - an intelligent stripper, Jerome - an angry apple who mistrusts oranges, and Erik - a dim witted frat guy who is easily bossed around. Sunkyst's presence at the school eventually causes numerous deaths and lots of action and adventure because we soon discover an evil force from his past is lurking on campus planning revenge.

Genital Genocide (2008)

as Charles Albert Harris

Charles, a serial killer and rapist, is being put to death today. As his last minutes are upon him, he recalls all his killings in great detail to the victims' families. What happens after the switch is pulled is something they will never forget. For today both Charles and the victims' families will get want they have always wanted.