Thursday, July 30, 2020

Verbal Viscera, Week Two - Trevor and the Box of 64

In week two, listen to David read "Trevor and the Box of 64" from his American Guignol collection!

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Greasepaint (2020, Source Point Press)



He has lots of fun in store for you!

Michael is the only survivor of serial killer Reginald Bent, better known as the nationally syndicated TV star Orzo the Clown. Having his own rock band has helped Michael cope. He loses himself in the music and doesn’t think of Orzo or the way the demented clown died right in front of him.

Now a new DVD release of the Orzo the Clown Show brings all the memories back to the surface. It has also drawn out either Orzo himself, back from the grave, or a copycat just as insane. Anyone Michael knows is a potential victim as the crazed clown slashes his way through another three-ring circus of terror, hell bent on finishing what was started.

Verbal Viscera, Week One - That's a Wrap

In week one, listen to David read "That's a Wrap" from The Midnight Creature Feature Picture Show collection!

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Utopia (SPP, 2020)

with Wayne Westcott, Jeff O'Brien and David M. Quiroz


When Maddy, a hard-working, young food server inherits a mansion from a distant relative, she thinks she has hit pay dirt, but the truth is far more sinister. The remote home, on an expanse of land, is the former home of a dangerous cult, and Maddy's relative was their ruthless leader. As she and her friends find out more secrets, the danger grows. What they first thought of as a quirky historical oddity quickly turns into a quest for immortality and rites washed in blood. Maddy is the key and she is forced to fulfill a destiny she was, literally, bred for.