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Friday, July 18, 2014

Grindhouse Universe (2008, Ban One)


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Dave and Jeff, minus Kevin this time, send up these trailers in pure Cinema Head Cheese fashion! The 1970s were a wonderful time... we're glad they are over.

Secrets of Sweet Sixteen (1973, Code Red)


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Jeff, Kevin and Dave give this film the Cinema Head Cheese rub in a comedy commentary for the ages!

Buxom 70's euro-chicks flash before your eyes in the craziest, offensive, shocking stories that ever featured in this strange collection of skits from today's headlines! Virgin being sacrificed to satan by muscle bound rich devil worshippers! Child Molester stopped by two hot horny college girls! A european postman finds sex can be a deadly thing! A masseuse have powers with his hands to his ladies! Daughter disguised as a older woman to steal her mother's lover in a seedy hotel! See 70's sex tigress Christine Lindberg loose and on the prowl!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

American Bomber (2014)

Co-Produer, Writer
as Big Joe Jefferson


American Bomber is topical and frightening. When an unemployed man find that his world is nothing that he thinks it is (through constant right wing nutjob radio), he takes matters into his own hands. Hooking up with a militant extremist group he plans to do the 'patriotic' thing and make a statement with an explosion.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

'Gator Bait (1999, 2004, 2014)


2014 ARFTCO/Corn, Chicago, IL. Four-week run.


2004 ARFTCO, Chicago, IL. Four-week run.

Writer, Director
as The Sheriff

1999 Sweetback Productions, Chicago, IL. Six-week run.

A Reasonable Facsimile Theatre Company announces their first ever co-production with Corn Productions. ‘Gator Bait opens at The Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, IL, on July 24, 2014, running Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. through August 23, 2014. ARFTCo. and Corn can’t resist bringing you this hilarious send-up of that infamous 70′s film cult classic, ‘Gator Bait. Popular Playboy Playmate Claudia Jenning’s star turn ensured this action-packed, and badly acted film would never be forgotten. ARFTCo. first mounted ‘Gator Bait in 2004, with a successful, extended run. Tickets are $10.00 on Thursdays, $15.00 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Bayou Wildcat, Desiree, lives deep in the swamp, hunting gators to feed her family. Her swamp slut sexuality lures Ben Trapper and Billy, the Sheriff’s son, deep into the swamp searching for some Bayou bung. When the evil Trapper family murder Desiree’s sister, an old-time, full-on, Southern-style blood feud begins and the death toll starts to climb. Will Desiree be able to avenge her family? Will T.J. Trapper ever figure out which of his sons has an IQ over 50? Will the Sheriff ever admit his son’s a little light in the work boots? Does gator really taste like chicken? Come along with ARFTCo. and Corn on this wickedly funny and politically incorrect romp through the Southland! You’ll be ashamed you laughed so hard!

‘Gator Bait is directed by Michael Buino, written by David C. Hayes, with additional material by Mike Spiegel and Tina Haglund. Stage-managed by Carol Brown, costumed by Tina Haglund, prop design by Rania Baxter, publicity by Steve Hickson and graphic design by Seth Wanta.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Teenage Mother (1967, Code Red)


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This real stinker gets the CHC touch from Jeff, Kevin and Dave and it earns it.

High schoolers learn a lot about the facts of life from the new Swedish sex-ed teacher. She is nearly raped by drug-dealing students and one ingenious, manipulative girl uses the new knowledge to feign pregnancy so she can con her boy friend into marrying her.

SuperArgo (1968, Code Red)


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The Cinema Head Cheese crew is back (Jeff, Kevin and Dave) to riff on Europe's greatest superhero.

A masked wrestler/superhero goes up against a madman and his army of robots. Shown in SuperArgo scope, the ultimate widescreen experience! Now you can see what happens on the edge of the screen during Cinema Insomnia, that you've always been missing.

Don't Go in the Woods Alone (1981, Code Red)


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Kevin Moyers, Jeff Dolniak and David C. Hayes riff on this camp classic from the 1980s.

Four young campers head into the deep woods of the Utah mountains for a relaxing weekend. But their fun is spoiled when a machete-wielding maniac embarks on a blood-splattering rampage, hacking and slashing all who enter the woods! Intended as a comedy, James Bryan's DON'T GO IN THE WOODS...ALONE snuck through with an R-Rating in the U.S. But the U.K. were less amused and banned it outright. Now, this wacky, absurd entry from the golden age of slashers receives a first-class treatment on DVD.

Slipway Grey (2013, Evil Jester Press)



As blood stains the sugar white sands of Pensacola Beach, mysterious disappearances plague the area. But this doesn't stop a group of high school seniors from having one last blowout at an exclusive beach mansion before graduation. But Mandy, the party's host, has plans of her own.

With a special friend, a massive bull shark she befriended as a child, Mandy plans to work through her teen angst the only way she knows how: with the help of massive jaws and an insatiable appetite for human  flesh!

“Slipway Grey is just as lovably cheesy and sleazy as you’d expect from its wonderful serial killer + giant shark premise. It’s goofy, gory fun!” —Jeff Strand, author of WOLF HUNT

“Sometimes you want to toss your responsibilities aside and immerse yourself in a guilty pleasure. Slipway Grey is a fun slasher with teens in bikinis, a serial killer, and a loyal-yet-bloodthirsty shark. It doesn’t get more pleasurably guilty that that.” —Mercedes M. Yardley, author of BEAUTIFUL SORROWS

“When a group of unsupervised teenagers celebrate their graduation with a serial killer on the loose some unexpected mayhem is sure to arise. Authors Mark C. Scioneaux and Dane T. Hatchell have created a boatload of horrific fun with Slipway Grey. Don’t let this be the one that gets away!” —Rena Mason, author of THE EVOLUTIONIST

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Erie Tales: 666 (2013, GLAHW)


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No number strikes fear into the heart of so many people like 6-6-6: the Number of the Beast. For the members of GLAHW, it also signifies its 6th full year as an independent organization of Horror Writers and aficionados, its sixth annual Halloween party, and its 6th Anthology. Special? You bet, for the coming of 666 means nearly a dozen new stories from returning members as well new bright shiny faces, bringing their own twisted interpretation of “666” to terrifying light. The Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers is an organization of like-minded writers, artists and enthusiasts based in the Great Lakes Region, but with fingers that extend around the world. Don't be afraid... be terrified.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Inherit the Wind (2014, Full Length)

Stage Manager

Winter 2014, Community Theatre of Howell

"The accused was a slight, frightened man who had  deliberately broken the law. His trial was a Roman  circus. The chief gladiators were two great legal  giants of the century. Like two bull elephants  locked in mortal combat, they bellowed and roared  imprecations and abuse. The spectators sat uneasily  in the sweltering heat with murder in their hearts,  barely able to restrain themselves. At stake was  the freedom of every American. One of the most  moving and meaningful plays of our generation. "a  tidal wave of a drama." -- New York  World - Telegram and Sun

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Closets aka Hunting Evil (2013)


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aka Hunting Evil

Based on actual events that took place only a few years ago, it weaves the enigmatic tale of Jonas Littleton…a good, but faulty man whose life had taken a sour detour – to a prison cell.  After having admitted his guilt and served his sentence, he’s being picked up outside the prison yard by his probably faithful wife for a long-awaited reunion.  Unfortunately, in the following weeks, reality sets in when his felony record makes his repeated attempts to rejoin the workforce humbling and futile.

His most recent job interview results in his bending his elbow at a watering hole.  Too much to drink and an errant suspicious pill causes our disappointed husband and father to seek advice from a soothsayer who runs a weird little shop a few doors down from the bar.  Under the influence and under the gun, a deal is struck in the fortune teller’s lair which proves to be “too good to be true”?

As if a beaded curtain has been parted, Jonas’ life immediately turns around.  Job offers.  Money.  Luxurious home and cars.  Happiness.  Family times.  Until the bill is due.  And who comes to collect?  The most vile, hellish, repugnant demon who was ever vomited from --- well, another place and time.  The Entity has all the tools to wreck all she sees. To ingest all that’s good and discharge pure evil.  Will Jonas have to pay the piper?  A cold, grinning evil collects, with certainty - both his wife and son!

A broken man, Jonas Littleton divests himself of every remnant of wealth and possession.  He uses the proceeds to follow his heart and soul’s remaining task.  His course is clear – he must track down the Entity and extract his revenge – or die trying.  Now he runs Paranormal Investigations Incorporated to soothe his damaged soul and feed his obsession.  He sees the Entity in every investigation in reality or maybe not. His sanity hinges on the pursuit.

Continuing his quest for revenge, he leads his investigation team from haunting to haunting, until one day he comes face to face with the Entity. How this final confrontation between a wounded-spirit human and the very essence of conniving, grinning evil plays out will knock your socks off!  Twists and turns abound.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails (2014, DRP)

"The Misty Hills of Dreamer Sheep"

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Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails is a collection of dark speculative fiction whose stories all focus on themes of loneliness, isolation, and abandonment. Enter into strange worlds envisioned by some of the most inventive authors writing today.

A portion of the proceeds of each sale of Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails benefits the Last Day Dog Rescue Organization.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

MCCC via The Detroit News

The Detroit News came by to show a little love to Cherub and myself at the 2014 Motor City Comicon!

Fallow Ground (2014, Blood Bound Books)



From Blood Bound Books: The Taylors want nothing more than to start a family, but the couple remains childless. A stranger, known only as Mr. Smith, arrives on their doorstep late one night with a strange proposition: safeguard a crate for the peculiar man and they’ll get their offspring. They strike a dark and irrevocable bargain.

Almost thirty years later, the Taylors’ farmland is occupied by a new family—but the curse of the past lives on.

Does wickedness dwell in the soil itself, or does evil grow from what takes root there?

Mother's Boys (2014, Blood Bound Books)



From Blood Bound Books: “What do you get when a group of psychopathic killers take on a family of mutated freaks? A whole lot of bloody good fun—and Daniel I. Russell delivers it in spades!”

~Greg Chapman, author of The Noctuary and The Last Night of October

Natalie has strived to be different her whole life. She’s dedicated her attitude, fashion, and very being to standing out from the crowd. After witnessing a brutal attack, Natalie becomes entangled in an escalating battle between a violent street gang and a strange tribe of sewer dwellers. Now she's about to learn just how much being different can mean.

“Take one part Sid Vicious, one part H.P. Lovecraft and shake. Throw in a dash of the thrill kill thug life and you have Mother’s Boys.”

~ David C. Hayes, author of Cannibal Fat Camp

Strange Fruit by Eric Red (2014, EJP)


David was lucky enough to serve as the editor for this wonderful, noir tale. Eric Red is the acclaimed sceenwriter of The Hitcher and Near Dark. He directed the genre classics 100 Feet and Body Parts, too.


From Evil Jester Press: A whodunit murder mystery set in a carnival freakshow. When a traveling carnival comes to a small town, a local teenage boy is found brutally murdered and the suspects are the sideshow freaks. But Sheriff Danny Girdler soon discovers things are not what they seem, and he’s in for the surprise of his life when he finds out who the real freak is. Step right up for a trip that will keep you guessing through Dark Americana.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Planet X Magazine #2 (2000)

"Return to an Angry Red Planet"

The chance to interview legendary scifi filmmakers like Academy Award winner Robert Skotak, the genius behind "Space Family Robinson," Ib Melchoir and wonder-producer Sid Pink doesn't come along every day. The article first appeared here in the print version of Planet X Magazine.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Die, You Zombie Crackers! (2014, Bizarro Pulp Press)

Co-Writer (with Mark Scioneaux)

Available HERE!

From the publisher: The deep, dark woods. They can be scary as hell, especially for the folk that live and love in 'em. Making moonshine and selling moonshine and drinkin' moonshine are all anyone ever cared about... until it happened. Even in the back woods, the yokels weren't safe from no undead poxalips. The dead done come back to life, bad 'shine bein' the cause, and it is up to a small band of hillbillies to stop them new kind a' zombies from killin' everybody. Four rednecks stand between a horde a' un-living rubes and the rest of the world. Only they was brave enough to say, "DIE, YOU ZOMIBE CRACKERS!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Man Called Nereus (2014)

as Nereus

A Man Called Nereus is a film that smashes together the genres of Sci-Fi , Crime-Action Drama and Comedy.

Nereus is an autistic man who is being held captive by the Filaria crime family because he has an incredible ability to predict the exact outcome of sporting events. Keith Taylor is a drug addict that is struggling to stay clean and employed. This all changes the moment Keith discovers Nereus. With renewed hope, Keith devises a plan to kidnap Nereus and take him to Las Vegas. However many others want Nereus as well. One is an extremist spiritual group named the Mayans; another is two rogue DEA agents that have a plan to take Nereus on a Vegas trip of their own. The most sinister of these groups is the Filaria crime family and their two henchmen Santo and Johnny, who use extreme tactics like posting a bounty and enlisting a group of killer meth heads to hunt down and seize back the “Brain”. Motivated by different reasons these groups inflict damage on one another and annihilate all that stands in between them and Nereus.

As Keith and Nereus try to evade capture they find a kinship that is new to the both of them. Through their journey Keith realizes that Nereus is much more than a savant. He also unveils that they are connected through a greater cause than what is currently transpiring in the fourth dimension. This leads Keith to the secrets behind Nereus’s ability to manipulate space and time and the ancient place these powers originate from.

Eventually Keith will have to decide what path he must take, the one for himself, or the one for Nereus.

Weird Little Kid (2014, Source Point Press)


Available HERE!

From Source Point Press: This collection of poetry and verse-like prose (all of it, predictably, dark) from David C. Hayes is new... for him. Translating the macabre wit and thinly-veiled anguish of his fiction into verse was a difficult task and it was only possible by drawing on memories. Hence, "Weird Little Kid" or, as David will tell you, "that cute euphemism they would use for me instead of a name." This volume is illustrated by the very talented Diana Busby (a fellow Michigan State Spartan) and will be available the the beginning of 2014 as an exclusive chapbook. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Serial (2013-15, Source Point Press)


#1 featuring "Gacy" & "Fish"
#2 featuring  "Nurse's Creed" & "Lizzie Borden"

Serial's first, prototype, issue was published in 2007. Conceived as an anthology series in the vein (no pun intended) of Tales from the Crypt, but focusing on real-life serial killers, the concept proved popular. Source Point Press will be putting Serial out as a quarterly periodical with shifting creative teams.

Penciled by Kurt Belcher and inked by Heinrik Horvath, the lead-off story "Gacy" was banned by Pick it up to check out why!

"Bathory" written and painted by Kurt Belcher,  "Nurse's Creed" written and illustrated by David C. Hayes, "Lizzie" written by Kevin Moyers and illustrated by Eric Xton, "La Mataviejtas" written by Trico Lutkins and illustrated by David Andres.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ed Wood's The Vampire's Tomb (2013)

as Flinch Ruppert & Lobo


Terminal Pictures Presents a film by Andre Perkowski based on the writings of Edward D. Wood, Jr.

Available at last! The forgotten horror classic, from beyond the grave, from beyond space and time.

Beyond anything your mind can conceive from the muddled mind of Edward D. Wood Jr. and the monochromatic cameras from the most exclusive thrift stores comes a tale to torment YOU!

STARRING - Kathleen Cecchin - Chandra Curtis - Jason Degruttola - Katie Dugan - David C. Hayes - Keith Heimpel - Steve Hickson - Paul Hofmann - Kevin Marquette - Christopher Roy - Andy Wibbels
and the voice of CRISWELL

From the director: In 2000 we shot about 60-70% of this unproduced Edward D. Wood, Jr. project intended for Bela Lugosi in Chicago in four or five days in a high pitched, melodramatic gothic soap opera style...

The tapes sat on a shelf for ages until the "Lugosi Problem" was solved... in a thoroughly chiropractor-ish fashion, as it turned out. Plus there was the fact that the whole "Vampire" thing mentioned in the title hadn't actually been shot yet. The rest of the script was shot on hideously outdated Ukranian Super-8, Double-X 16mm, and Tri-X Super-8 in Spring 2006 in Brooklyn, New Jersey, Doylestown, and Astoria and is dedicated to all those who have owed film labs bills for decades and to the Shirley inside all of us... with voiceover help from Philip Proctor from the Firesign Theatre and the almighty Criswell... thanks to everyone involved for the unspeakably strange experience across the gulf of bad continuity.

For Kathy Wood
and Maila Nurmi.