Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Monster's Gauntlet (2016, PerForce)



With the fierce brutality of a Warrior Queen, Luxura battles the creatures that mere humans believe only exist in their nightmares; bloodthirsty Werewolves, mindless flesh eating Zombies, Amphibian Creatures from the deepest murkiest waters and Frakenstein-like, Reanimated Creations of both science and magic, what some would consider an abomination to God. Defeat a champion from each of the 4 other boroughs of New York City….. or be defeated and bring about the destruction of all species, including her own.

Luxura Graphic Novella written by David Hayes​ & Kirk Lindo​ with stunning FULL COLOR art by:

Adam Braun​
Adam Pollina​
Andrea Celestini​
Aminah Jones​
Ashleigh Popplewell​
Chris Bradberry​
Daniel Campos​
Eric Alan Nelson​
Fran├žois Chartier​
Gary T. Becks​
Greg (Dark One) Williams
Greg (Splash Colors) Price
​Henry Martinez​
Jesse Kwe​
Karl G. Waller​
Kat Laurange​
Lawrence Levine​
Lorenzo Lizana​
Mike Hoffman​
Scott Zambelli​
Stephen B. Scott​
Original Soundtrack by Orry Maine​
Editorial Direction and assistance from Heidi Zelch​ and Paul Schleicher​.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

David & Peggy's Excellent Recurring Nightmares (2016, GLAHW)

as Himself


David and his BHF (Best Horror Friend) Peggy Christie star in these great stories. 7 horror writers are gifted the names of 2 real people and told to do whatever they wanted – as long as those unspeakable acts contained a chicken! In the resulting stories, “David” and “Peggy” are troubled, tortured, and terrified. The owners of these names won the right and the exquisite privilege to experience this unique madness, and the writers of GLAHW were all too happy to oblige. Welcome to the 3rd Edition of Recurring Nightmares, the Special Raffle Prize of the annual Monster Mash for Literacy Bash, hosted by the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers. This Annual Halloween Party benefits the Dominican and Siena Literacy Organizations in Detroit.

HWA Poetry Showcase III (2016, HWA)

"Forever and a Day"


This third volume in the Horror Writers Association's acclaimed POETRY SHOWCASE series features more than fifty never-before-published poems by both renowned genre favorites and fresh new voices.