Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Zombie Chronicles: Infection Zone (2023)



"Keeping Molly"


When zombies go on a rampage, terrorizing a town, the residents are determined to take down the undead before it's too late in this indie flick. This anthology features the stand-out short, "Keeping Molly," based off of the novella by Hayes & Moyers with Hayes providing the script.

Starring: Tonjia Atomic, Tiffany Beall, Cassidy David, Jackie Neyman Jones (Manos: The Hands of Fate)

Directed by: Joe Sherlock

Rock 'n Roll Asylum (2022)

as Joe Broni


Writer/Director/Star Adam 'Riot' Thorn has been cranking out backyard feature films since PERSONAL SPACE INVADER (2013), and this is his *checks notes* sixth and most ambitious one to date that still happens to take place entirely in and around EYESORE CINEMA - one of the two video stores still left standing in Toronto, Canada.*

This time around, Adam ditches any attempt at a conventional genre structure to make way for a day in the life of an asylum (the store's basement) run by a mad doctor (played by Adam) whose addicted to 'brain juice' and has to take care of a mentally troubled population made up of a Kangaroo, a clown, a guy who bites people and way more wackadoos that are made up of friends and customers.

- Justin Decloux