Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Monster's Gauntlet (2016, PerForce)



With the fierce brutality of a Warrior Queen, Luxura battles the creatures that mere humans believe only exist in their nightmares; bloodthirsty Werewolves, mindless flesh eating Zombies, Amphibian Creatures from the deepest murkiest waters and Frakenstein-like, Reanimated Creations of both science and magic, what some would consider an abomination to God. Defeat a champion from each of the 4 other boroughs of New York City….. or be defeated and bring about the destruction of all species, including her own.

Luxura Graphic Novella written by David Hayes​ & Kirk Lindo​ with stunning FULL COLOR art by:

Adam Braun​
Adam Pollina​
Andrea Celestini​
Aminah Jones​
Ashleigh Popplewell​
Chris Bradberry​
Daniel Campos​
Eric Alan Nelson​
Fran├žois Chartier​
Gary T. Becks​
Greg (Dark One) Williams
Greg (Splash Colors) Price
​Henry Martinez​
Jesse Kwe​
Karl G. Waller​
Kat Laurange​
Lawrence Levine​
Lorenzo Lizana​
Mike Hoffman​
Scott Zambelli​
Stephen B. Scott​
Original Soundtrack by Orry Maine​
Editorial Direction and assistance from Heidi Zelch​ and Paul Schleicher​.

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