Wednesday, June 5, 2024

WTF: Three Idiotic Tales (2024)


with Jon Arking

This is your chance to get three incredibly stupid stories from a pair of incredibly goofy authors! Join Jon and Dave as they give a little insight into what passes for their thought processes! This volume includes the debuts of Staged and Grounds in ANY format, ever! 

WTF includes the following:

Hot Mess - A novella about two Hollywood losers that, well, die but are given a chance to come back to Earth and help out a struggling construction company. 

Grounds - The slacker generation gets their due in this coffee shop dark comedy. Jonah hates his job, his life, and doesn't see a way out... until he kills a Mafia boss. Oops. 

Staged - The community theatre seen is exposed in all its ridiculous glory in this first season web series script. LINE?!?!

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