Short Works

Short Fiction & Poetry
A Time for Violence (2019) featuring "Epiphany in the Third"
GoreWars (2017) featuring "Cozy Feet"
HWA Poetry Showcase III (2016) featuring "Forever and a Day"
Halloween Returns (2015) featuring "Day of the Dead"
Blood For You: A GG Allin Tribute (2015) featuring "The Coprophagus"
Rise of the Dead (2015) featuring "End Scene"
The Gruesome Tensome (2015) featuring "Rode Hard and Put Away Wet"
Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails (2014) featuring "Misty Hills of Dreamer Sheep"
Canopic Jars (2013) featuring "That's a Wrap!"
13 Quick Shivers (2013) featuring "Basement Guillotine"
Alter Egos (2013) featuring "Savage Sword of King Conrad"
High Stakes (2013) featuring "Hack" 
Bedtime Stories for Everyone (2013) featuring "Freggs & Buttermilk"
Erie Tales V: Dreadful Delusions (2012) featuring "I Am Going to Kill Me"
Zombie! Zombie! Brain Bang! (2012) feature "Rights of the Living Dead"
Scare Package (2012) featuring "Oh, Holy Night" 
Tales for the Toilet (2012) featuring "Love is Truly Deaf"
Scarlet Whispers (2012) featuring "Epiphany in the Third"
Slices of Flesh (2012) featuring "Carb Friendly"
Strange Sex (2012) featuring "Love Bites"
Tales of Terror & Mayhem (2012) featuring "Grindylow"
Here There Be Dragons (2012) featuring "The Last Dragon"
Short Sips (2012) featuring "A Wintry Haze"
Help! Wanted: Tales of On-the-Job Terror (2011) featuring "Agnes..."
Daily Bites of Flesh (2011) featuring "Pre-Natal" & "Worse"
Seasons in the Abyss (2011) featuring "Chaste"
Morpheus Tales #14 (2011) featuring "Rights of the Living Dead"
Minute Movies (2004) featuring "The Latex Grail"
The Sorrow (2004) featuring "The Forgotten"

Short Non-Fiction

Diabolique Magazine (2020) "Hanukkah (2019) Review"
Diabolique Magazine (2020) "S.O.V. Revolution: Chester Turner"
Diabolique Magazine (2020) "Witchcraft Examined"
Diabolique Magazine (2020) "Camp Blood Revisited"
Holland Files, Volume One (2018) featuring "Customizing Swamp Thing"
101 Scariest Movies Ever Made (2017) featuring multiple entries
Trash Cinema (2015) featuring multiple entries
Capstone Literary Journal, Volume 2 (2013) featuring "Prodigal"
How to Make Movies... (2013) featuring "On Acting"
Chunkblowers... (2012) featuring "Impressions of Sickness"
Cinemagicians Vol. 2 (2012) featuring "Return to an Angry Red Planet"
Dark Moon Digest #2 (2010) featuring "Scare Tactics"
Serial Killer Magazine #8 (2010) featuring "The Cleveland Torso Murders"
Cyclone Liner Notes (2009) featuring "Disaster: Mexican Style"
Cult Movies Magazine #40 (2008) featuring "An Interview with Sid Pink"
Ultra-Violent Magazine #6 (2006) featuring DVD Reviews
Outre Magazine #26 (2003) featuring "Ed Wood: Novelist?" 
Barfly's Guide to Chicago... (2002) featuring Pub Reviews 
Shecky's Chicago (2003) featuring Pub Reviews 
Videoscope #40 (2001) featuring Edward D. Wood, Jr. Book Reviews 
Planet X Magazine #2 (2000) featuring "Return to an Angry Red Planet"
The Livingston County Tribune (1994) featuring Articles of Local Interest


Tough as Nails (2012) featuring "Dark Penance"
Book Without Pictures (2013) featuring "Image 70"
Barfly Magazine (1998) featuring "My Liver" Comic Strip